We aim to provide a community for our lab members to reach their full potential as researchers, in the hopes that they will go on and continue doing amazing things. Towards that goal, here are several things that we hope are self-evident but we will list them anyway, 

1) each person should feel ownership towards their respective project(s), 
2) there is full transparency and openness within the group, 
3) critique ideas, but never critique people, and 
4) have some fun, this is the best job in the world after all

Team members

Tian “Tim” Chen
Principal investigator
N235, Eng. Bldg. 1
Yue Wang
PhD Candidate
PhD candidate
N281, Eng. Bldg. 1
Nadine Saab
Master student
N281, Eng. Bldg. 1
Carlos Benitez
REU Scholar
N281, Eng. Bldg. 1
Nicolas Betancourt
REU Scholar
N281, Eng. Bldg. 1


Master Theses
  1. Schnaubelt, M., (2020), TUM, Germany.
  2. Koh, M., (2018), Current Position: Research assistant at Gramazio Kohler Research, ETHZ.
  3. Du Pasquier, C., (2017), Current Position: Doctoral candidate at EDAC, ETHZ.
  4. Wagner, M., (2016), Current Position: Doctoral candidate at Laboratory of Nanometallurgy, ETHZ.
  5. Liu, J., (2016), Current Position: Omron Automotive Technologies, Inc., Toronto, ON., Canada.
  6. Zimmermann, L., (2015), Graduated Dr. Sc. from ETH Zurich.
Other projects
  1. Tran, T. (2022)
  2. Shariff, A. (2022)
  3. Nguyen, T. (2022)
  4. Sommer, T. (2022)
  5. Nguyen, K., (2021)
  6. Gautier, A., (2020)
  7. Ebrahimi, R., (2019)
  8. Ulrich, L., (2018)
  9. Volk, C., (2018)
  10. Mueller, M., (2018)
  11. Freitag, J., (2017)
  12. Fritzsche, D., (2017)
  13. Sesseg, J., (2017)
  14. Felber, R., (2017)
  15. Koh, M., (2016)