Nice things people had written about the research we have done. Here are a selected few that we felt most resonating. On the right are some TV interviews, and widely viewed videos.

The Geometry of Basket Weaving, 2021, Physics magazine
Weaving smooth 3D shapes with curved ribbons, 2021, Nature Reviews Physics
Modeling the friction between pages in a book, 2021, EPFL
Mechanical memory written and read remotely, 2021, Nature News & Views
New metamaterial offers reprogrammable properties, 2021, EPFL
Auf Knopfdruck wird Weiches fest und Festes weich, 2021, NZZ
Folded Solar Panel Opens Without Power Source, 2019, Physics magazine
A solar panel that unfolds in sunlight could power spacecraft, 2019, New Scientist
This solar array expands itself at the right temperature, 2019, TechCrunch
Self-powered soft robots, 2018, CBS News
No Motor, No Battery, No Problem, 2018, Caltech News
Swimming without an engine, 2018, ETH Zurich News
3D printing unlimited: From tooth enamel to 4D printing, 2018, ETH Zurich Globe
Rethinking Intelligence, 2017, World Economic Forum
4D Printing of Programmable Shape-Changing Structures, 2017, Mary Ann Liebert
Fabrication technology in the fourth dimension, 2017, ETH Zurich News