Bachelor and master projects

Our research is largely grouped into three areas: fabrication of metamaterials at different length scales, design of reprogrammable matter, and morphing shapes. Here are some broad projects that are available. If you are interested in any of the topics below, please contact me at and we can set a specific project.

Design of reprogrammable matter

Most materials do not exhibit intentional change of properties. In this project, we aim to construct a framework for on-demand mechanical property change using non-linear mechanics and magnetism.

fabrication of metamaterials at different length scales

Investigate into different techniques for fabricating 3D structures on a nano- to micrometer scale. We aim to create mechanical metamaterials that can be used in engineering applications. Instead of assemblies of molecules, we aim to manufacture assemblies of architected unit cells to create functional materials.

Morphing shapes

Shape transformation is of immense engineering importance in deployable structures, medical devices, and electronics. We aim to understand the computational and physical methods available for us to design objects that can change shape.